Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I download the KidzGrow App?

The KidzGrow App is available for download at the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. Download is free and it comes with free activities.


2. How can the KidzGrow App help me as a parent or caregiver?

The App systematically tracks your child’s growth and development against established child development milestones. Knowing how well your child is developing against these milestones helps you to understand your child’s learning and development needs. This understanding enables you to help your child explore and learn according to his or her natural ability.

In addition, the activities are generally fun for the child so they create excellent opportunities for the child to bond with the parent or caregiver.   


3. Does using the KidzGrow App mean that my child need not see his regular doctor or healthcare provider?

The use of this app is not an alternative to the advice of doctors and professional healthcare providers with regard to your child’s health and medical condition. You should always consult your child’s doctor or healthcare provider if you think your child may be suffering from any health or medical condition.