KidzGrow – The Child Development App

The KidzGrow App is the complete child development tool for parents and caregivers.

With the KidzGrow App, personalized professional advice – on how to help a child develop and meet established child development milestones – is now easily and affordably available to parents and caregivers everywhere.

The content in the KidzGrow App is developed for children from birth to 6 years old by a team of child development professionals with extensive clinical experience, with a focus on 5 development domains:

  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Cognitive Skills
  • Speech-Language Skills
  • Social Skills

In the app, specially designed activities are prescribed for each child based on the child’s age. Parents and caregivers can easily carry out these activities with the child by using items that are usually found at home. Illustrations and animation are used extensively in the app to make it really easy to follow the instructions for the activities.

Based on the parent or caregiver’s observation of the child during each activity, there are important post-activity analyses that explain the child’s progress, as well as suggestions on more activities that can help the child develop further.

Download the KidzGrow App now and try out the free activities!


For iOS devices, download here.

For Android devices, download here.


Do note that the use of this App is not an alternative to seeking the advice of doctors and professional healthcare providers. You should always consult your child’s doctor or healthcare provider if you think your child may be suffering from any health or medical condition.