What Parents Say


Some parents have shared with us their experiences of using KidzGrow. Here’s what some of them said:


Mother of 5-month old baby:

“When my baby reached her 3-month milestone, I learnt how I could help stimulate her eye focus. I held a toy up in front of her and then I moved the toy slowly at first, from left to right and back. At first, she wasn’t really focusing on the movement, but after more practise, she could fix her eyes on the toy and followed its movement! It was very thrilling to be part of this simple milestone.

When my baby was 5 months old, I was a little anxious that she wasn’t turning from her back to her side. I would put her on her tummy but all she did was cry and I was completely clueless. Following the instructions on KidzGrow, I learnt to put her on my chest, so she would try to push herself up to see my face or peep over my shoulder to see a toy that I had purposely hidden from her. All these efforts inadvertently strengthened her arms and after a week or so, she could roll from side to side.”


Father of 8-month old baby:

Following the instructions on KidzGrow, I learnt to play “intelligent” games with her, rather than endless rounds of Peek-a-Boos. Just last week, I “taught” her the concept of object permanence. I first showed her a ball, and then I covered it up with a handkerchief. At first, she would cry upon seeing the ball vanish, but with more rounds of making it appear and disappear, I think she realized that the ball had not gone anywhere at all.”


Mother of 22-month old toddler:

“Using KidzGrow, I learnt that while my 22 months child is ahead of other children his age in terms of speech, he needs to beef up on his knowledge of colours.

I am also trying to teach him how to draw straight lines, and how to throw a ball. Previously, I had no idea it was difficult for children to learn how to let go of a ball!” 


Mother of pre-schooler:

“I teach my mother, who is helping me to look after my child, how to carry out the KidzGrow activities. Parents who have other caregivers looking after their kids can do the same. You don’t need to buy costly toys for the activities. You can use items found around the house like tissue boxes, spoons and balls – which is great!”